Free Printable Guitar Chord Chart



One of the of the most useful charts to have to hand when learning to play guitar is this chord chart.

Chords form the basis of songs and compositions, and are commonly the starting points when learning to play most musical instruments. Chords are formed using musical notes or tones, which when played together resonate harmonically together giving a thicker, more fuller sound than single notes played in a tune or melody.

Chords can be transcribed in several ways, from traditional stave music (squiggles and dots across horizontal lines), to guitar tablature (numbers across horizontal lines, depicting guitar strings and frets), to the most popular with newbies, for it’s basic visual representation – the Chord chart!

Each chord diagram depicts the fretboard vertically (so the low E, or thickest string is on the left, and the guitar nut is horizontal at the top), then each string is in sequence (E, A, D, G, B, e).

Finger positions are numbered accordingly above the frets, and beneath each diagram, and silent or un-played strings are denoted with X’s.

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