Guitar Repairs & Lessons in Newport, Shropshire

Affordable and professional, bass, electric, and acoustic guitar repairs in Newport, Telford, Shropshire.

  • String, bridge, nut, fret and saddle replacement, adjustments, and repairs
  • Full string instrument, bass, electric and acoustic guitar setups
  • Neck replacements; tuner key replacement, and pickup installations
  • Major and minor cosmetic, electrical or structural work
  • Free quote – Call today


As well as repairing students guitars, I also repaired them for customers at the Newport Music Shop between 2006 and 2008, and then for Wellington based Artisan Technic Ltd.

  • Quick turn-around time
  • All instruments and repairs are guaranteed
  • Insurance quotes and evaluations
  • Affordable & professional
  • Free collection & delivery within Shropshire

Teaching students of all ages, I know that one of the greatest obstacles someone will face when learning to play is a physical one…conditioning your fingers, hands and muscles to work effectively, so the play-ability of your guitar should be as easy, and comfortable right from the start.

Most guitar manufacturers produce them so they’re quite easy to play for most people, but not optimized to anyone’s specifics, so they can usually be adjusted quickly, and without much if any physical alteration, just by lowering the strings, and setting the intonation (as well as few other adjustments.) All included in a guitar setup from just £20 excluding strings.

I’ve worked on hundreds guitars, from budget models, to mid-range and expensive custom models, but regardless of their value I treat them all with the utmost care. Whatever work needs to be done I pride myself on offering a professional, but value for money service. All work is guaranteed, and instruments in my care are insured.

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