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Guitar set-ups & maintenance in Lincoln, UK

When I started playing I’d never heard of a guitar set-up – my dad had just bought me my first guitar – a Mexican Strat, and it was horrible to play, but my dad, being old school, told me “A good workman never blames his tools”, so I persevered forcing the strings down, just so I could play something that resembled a tune. Had I known about set-ups back then, I’d probably be famous by now?!;)

  • So, you’ve bought an awesome looking guitar, but it plays like a strung up broom? The strings are set so high, you need a clamp just to fret them, or the frets buzz so much that you may as well be playing a broom? Well my friend, then you need a set-up! A set-up involves adjusting various elements of the guitar – the neck, the bridge, and in some cases the nut and frets, as it also includes a thorough clean, and string change to give the guitar those bright, sustaining tones. Basic set-ups from £50, including strings.

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Cosmetic & Structural guitar repairs

Cosmetic & Structural

  • Ever leant your guitar against your amp, certain that nothing, not even an earthquake would knock it over…then, out of your peripheral, in slow motion over it goes, leaving a floor shaped dent on the head-stock, and devaluing your axe by several hundred quid? Well, you may not need to sell it for peanuts down the pawn brokers, and get a real job just yet? Some cosmetic or structural repairs aren’t as serious as they may look? Call today for more info.
  • A common acoustic guitar repair is bridge buckle, or bellying, where, over time the tension of the strings has pulled the bridge up, and away from the top, often causing unreasonably high strings, making the guitar almost unplayable. So, what’s the solution? Get a chisel and a lump hammer and get chopping, or do what you’ve always wanted to, and turn it into firewood in the backyard? No, put the hammer down. A fairly affordable, and non-invasive repair can be carried out. Call today for more info.
Electrical guitar repairs & Modifications

Electrical & Modifications

  • Hear an annoying noise when you plug in and play? Try putting your guitar down – works for me!;) Chances are, it’s probably just a loose wire, a simple grounding issue, or the jack input has come loose? An easy repair using a soldering iron. For the pro’s – Need a new set of pick-ups installed, or different pots fitted. Call today to discuss your requirements.