Guitar Lessons in Newport, Shropshire

We all just wanna be big Rock Stars!

…Don’t we? Ok, so maybe you just want a new challenge, or to learn a new skill, and learning to play any musical instrument is a great way to develop manual dexterity, coordination, mental agility, confidence, and creativity.

It can also help to develop self-discipline, concentration, as well as a load of other good stuff!

  • No musical knowledge required
  • Beginner to advanced
  • Lessons are bespoke, & fun!
  • Guitar provided if necessary
  • Grade coaching & preparation (RGT & Rockschool)
  • Full clear DBS checked
  • Over 10 years guitar tutoring experience
  • Home taught evening & weekend lessons available
  • Lessons start from just £20 per lesson, and discounts are available for block bookings.

Call 07875 129763 for further information

Regardless of musical experience and knowledge, most people will be able to play at least part of a song in less than an hour, but everyone has a different pace of learning, the thing is to give it a go!

The first lesson normally focuses on the different components of a guitar, how to tune it, playing posture and pick technique; some simple music terminology and theory, timing, chord formations, and progressions, which will enable you to play your first song.

Study’s have shown that people who learned to play a musical instrument are more adaptable, outgoing, and knowledge receptive than perhaps someone who hasn’t?

Playing guitar is fun, social, expressive, and every guitarist, regardless of ability can say “I’m a guitarist”, and that’s just cool:)

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